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 Fates-Redemption RULES!

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PostSubject: Fates-Redemption RULES!   Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:56 pm


1. No flaming.

2. No grave-digging (meaning to revive old topics).

3. No necro/1 posting (meaning do not post with no meaning or unnecessarily. Such as "cool", "nice" or "OMG").

4. No making new accounts for posting/reviving old topics. (People do this to revive their mod applications and such, YOU WILL GET CAUGHT.)

5. No making new accounts for voting.

6. Do not advertise any RSPS whatsoever, that will be an AUTOMATIC IP-BAN.

7. Do not beg for staff.

8. Do not advertise your clan/clan site on any other clan thread.

9. Make sure to always post on the right board.

10. Discussing or threatening to hack the server is against the rules.

11.Do not spam the forums chatbox, i know it glitches sometimes, but if we see anything that says ''THIS SERVER SUCKS DON'T PLAY IT'' It will result in an automatic ban or ipban, judging on the member of staff that's present.


From a warning to a ban, depending how severe the rule broken is.



IP ban

Selling Runescape Accounts/items/membership for FR items
Item Duplication or attempting to duplicate items.
Severe bug abuse or glitching.
Staff member impersonation.
Hacking or scamming another players account.
DDoSing another player.
Advertising another server.


Spamming, flameing or disrespecting any Staff. (repeatedly or severe)
Intentional bug abuse or glitching.
Non-staff account sharing. (Accepting accounts that aren't yours MAY also end up in a ban/ip ban)
Threatening to DDoS.
Repeated account offences or rule breaking.
Making new accounts and keeping the items for your benefit


Deliberately disrupting a staff member with questions or spam.
Advertising another server (IP mute) or website.

Punishment type and times will vary at the discretion of the staff member, this is only a guide. It will depend on the staff members judgment and the the severity of the offense.


When a moderator/admin PMs you, there will be a crown. There will not be a text such as "[ADMIN]" or "[MOD]". Report these people, they are impersonating staff and will be banned.

Hacked accounts will not be recovered for you. We will only ban the hacker.


Luring, both nonwild->wild and single->multi is allowed. This includes "trust" lures where you hold items, kill someone for items, or skull on accident. You should not be dumb enough to fall for these.

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
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Fates-Redemption RULES!
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