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 Hosting An Event? Use This Format.

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PostSubject: Hosting An Event? Use This Format.   Fri Jul 02, 2010 8:34 pm

If You Are Hosting An Event Please Use This Format. Befor You Make Your Thread To Host Your Event, Please Message Me Or Chandler And Tell Us What Day It Will Be and Some Other Info About It and Also What Kind Of Event It Is. Then When We Message You Back We Will Let You Know In That Message If Your Event Is Approved. If Your Event Is Approved Then You Can Make Your Thread To Let PPL Know About Your Event.
(Use This Format When Makeing Your Thread For Your Event)

Hostess Of Event: (Your UserName In-Game)
Name Of Event:
Day Of Event:
Time Of Event:
Type Of Event:


Thanks, Reaction.

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Hosting An Event? Use This Format.
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