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 Price Guide By Mod Kisa

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Mod Kisa
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PostSubject: Price Guide By Mod Kisa   Tue Jul 20, 2010 11:07 pm

This is not complete yet but i got most of the important things. I will add things that arent as rare once i get the chance to.

Ags - 200-250m

Sgs - 175-200m

Zgs - 175-200m

Bgs -100-150m

Bandos Chestplate -50-75m

Bandos Tasset - 50-75m

Bandos Boots - 20-30m

Dharoks Set - 30-40m

Karil Set - 15-20m

Bolt Racks - 5-10k

Verac Set - 20-25m

Ahrim Set - 25-30m

Torag Set - 20-25m

Guthan Set - 25-30m

Armadyl Helmet - 50-60m

Armadyl Chestplate - 50-75m

Armadyl Plateskirt - 50-75m

Full 3rd Age Melee -275-325m

Full 3rd Age Mage - 250-290m

Full 3rd Age Range - 200-250m

Fury - 5-10m

Full Infinity - 50m

Dragonfire Shield - 25-40m

Saradomin Sword - 25-50m

Dragon Boots - 10-15m

Dark Bow - 20-30m

Abyssal Whip - 10-15m

Berserker Ring - 8-10m

Party Hats - 150-200m

Dragon chain - 10-15m

Dragon Bones - 50-200k

Master Wand - 8-12m

Crystal Bow - 2-3m

Dragon Axe - 5-10m

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PostSubject: Re: Price Guide By Mod Kisa   Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:31 am

thanks kisa this really helped me Smile
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Price Guide By Mod Kisa
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